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    Chrome doesn't display content?


      I'm using the TCS 3.5 version of RoboHelp, a.k.a. RoboHelp 9. Chrome looks like it's version 16? There are other versions being used, though.


      We almost went crazy yesterday, because my boss followed my instructions for turning her project into WebHelp, and it came up empty. Literally. No left nav table of contents, no search, no text, nada. Just the skin. And the skin was a slightly different color, and the spacing was funky. After a few hours of hair-pulling, having others walk through the process and generate RoboHelp just fine, we found out her default browser was Chrome. So I pulled her output off our fileshare, and opened it in Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer. The last two were fine. But Chrome was empty, and the skin didn't look right. It looked fine on the other two browsers.


      So, what do we do? Is there some way to make RH Chrome-friendly, the way you can add Mark of the Web? Or are we just SOL, and Chrome and RH don't play well together?