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    Static in exported videos from After Effects


      I have been trying to solve this for awhile. Everytime I export a video out of After Effects, whether it is control M or through add to render queue, it will always come out with static through out the video. I have tried several different videos I have shot from different cameras, and they all come out the same. I tried exporting it into premiere, same issue, I tride using media Encoder, didn't change anything. I have checked my settings and examined the footage. The footage I import into After Effects is fine, no issues. While it is in After Effects it plays back with no issues. When it exports it as an AVI it comes out like it is being played through a worn out VCR.


      I recently upgraded to CS5. When I used CS4 I never had this issue. None of the footage I am using was ever used in my old CS4 and the files I open in CS5 were also never used in CS4. Just incase that was a thought.


      I need this resolved soon. I have multiple projects that are finished, but are not rendering out right. All the effects work and everything else is good. It just adds static lines to all the videos it exports.


      How can I fix this?