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    Exam Certification Questions


      Hello - I am attenmpting to find out some information from Adobe in regards to the LiveCycle Certification Process but am not having any luck. I thought a post here may help.


      LiveCycle Developer is a seperate certification from the LiveCycle Form Developer Certification? Is this correct?


      Form Developer 9A0-156 can be written at anytime, there are no pre-requisites?


      I see 8 certifications on the website, should all 8 be obtained, what is the title you would receive?


      I found information on the Adobe site in regards to a Adobe LiveCycle ES application Developer (9A0-081), however this is not listed on the certifications page. Is this a new course or on that has been de-commissioned?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Pavan Challa



          There is no pre-requisties to write Form Developer Exam. To be certified as a LiveCycle ES2 Developer, you must pass LiveCycle ES2 Core ACE Exam and atleast one LiveCycle elective exam.


          Here are the LiveCycle Developer Certification Elective Exams:


          9A0-137 Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Process Automation

          9A0-138 Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Document Output

          9A0-139 Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Data Capture

          9A0-140 Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Digital Security


          Hope this helps...