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    Where do I place main.asc?


      Hi~ all.



      I placed main.asc in /FMS/webroot/main.asc


      This is not working.


      so I placed here.




      This also is not working.



      The path is correct?


      How can FMS recognize main.asc file?



      Thanks in advanced.

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          drkstr_1 Level 4

          It depends on your config I think (I am not an FMS expert, but I know we have a config file that describes the application paths).


          Did you mean to ask this question in the FMS forum?

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            Patel Bharat Level 2

            To connect to an application, the server must know that the application exists. This process is called registering the application with the server. To register an application with the server, create a folder for the application in the applications folder. For example, create the following folder to register an application called "myApplication":