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    Kinetic Typography and working with audio


           I am doing Kinetic Typography in After Effects CS5.5 and currently I have my audio rendered so I can play it back in real time. I am basically listening to the audio then stopping it as close as I can then creating the text to match the audio and then I keep repeating listening to the music and trying to move the text a bit closer to the audio until it is correct. Is there a way to to slow down how fast my composition plays when I preview it. It would be great if I could play it at 5 frames and put markers in where the audio needs to appear. Any ideas on how to make this process simpler? I do not want to make my composition in slow motion just preview it at half speed. Thank you


           Also how do I changed my work area to just render what is in my work area and only play that segment.  I am new to After Effects and have been reading guides on changing the work area which I have done but everytime I hit zero to play my composition, it renders my entire comp at 1080p.  Comp size is 3 minutes and that is how long my project is but currently I am only working with 30 seconds of footage.  Kind of new to this stuff, please ask if I confused you with this all over the place question.