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    CPU usage restricted by RAM?


      Hey Guys,


      I built a computer awhile back based on suggestions and a couple answers provided here. I love the machine, thanks for all the great advice.


      I recently had a failure on my MB where I can only use 8GB of my 24GB, only two slots are working correctly. The PC recognizes all 24, but says only 8 are useable. I've identified it to the motherboard, and have a replacement coming. In the mean time, I had to get a video done, and while my export was running I was interested in the usage of resources, so I opened up task manager and saw my 8 GB of RAM is pretty much taxed, but my CPU (i7-970) is only running at about 40%.


      So my question is, is the CPU being limited by the amount of RAM available? I've never looked at the usage when exporting before to know if I use more than that normally.