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    Duplicating A Page in Acrobat


      How does one duplicate any page in a multipage Acrobat document? [My version, Adobe Acrobat X Pro]

      1. I can Save PDF to new filename, delete all pages but the one I require, and then do a Windows Desktop "Combine supported files in Acrobat ...". There is a lot of cleanup associated with that action. As well this method fills the Link Properties Actions Edit 'Use Named Destination' Browse popup with "Combined-Advanced.indd..." instead of page numbers, so navigation edits are impossible. Also, whatever zoom-level the reader selects, say hello to an enforced change when reading any link I create. On Prepare for anything, appearance gets even messier, so we wonder is Adobe indicating, please find another way?

        How do we get rid of that SCAREY "Combined-Advanced.indd.15621..."? Where are my Link Edit page numbers?
      2. I can hold a finger on CTRL and drag Page Thumbnails. That messes up navigation, where a few saves later my Bookmarks view shows everything where it was placed, but Acrobat's Page Thumbnails revert to just the originals, deleting my dragged copies from the document stream and retaining just virtual copies for each page in Bookmarks view. Another Combine activity and those Bookmark virtual items vanish too!

      Acrobat is giving at best, one document appearance using Bookmark navigation, and another full-of-holes appearance reading by scrolling!

      Can anyone explain how to safely duplicate pages in Acrobat? Never mind excuses about file size, as file size is completely irrelevant. We don't want to fill our document with "Combine-Advanced.indd..." page numbers: we prefer to enable professional looking reader-selected consistent zoom-levels). We don't want to distribute cheese cloth documents. There must be an Acrobat File command somewhere that says "Duplicate Page", creating a clean, uncomplicated, properly numbered and formatted duplicate of the original page.

      This page duplication functionality conflicts in no way, shape or form with DocBook.org and the general semantic of document management. In fact, this functionality is a critical component for document assembly. Our purpose in duplicating is to preserve corporate backgrounds, text titles while providing a template to add (and paginate) additional pages when and where required. Can anyone help?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried extracting the page (Tools > Pages > Extract) and then inserting it (Tools > Pages > Insert from File)?


          It would also be possible to do with a script that makes the page a template, spawns it as a new page, and then deletes the template. This could be made into a custom menu item or toolbar button if you need to do this sort of thing a lot.


          Here's some code that will add a duplicate page of the one that's currently being viewed just after it:


          // Duplicate the current page
          createTemplate("t1", pageNum).spawn({nPage: pageNum + 1, bOverlay: false});


          This code can be run from the interactive JavaScript console (Ctrl+J) by selecting all of the lines and hitting Ctrl+Enter, or Enter on the numeric keypad.

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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Open the Pages panel, select the page and while pressing Ctrl drag it to

            the position where you want to have a copy of it, and then drop it.


            If you want to view the file smoothly go to the View menu and select Single

            Page Continuous under Page Display.

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              Mark.Stewart Level 1

              Acrobat Pro’s latest update is scrambling. It’s Windows 7 64-bit. Vs Mac pro in my i5 Colloseum. Time to try another Windows installation set of priorities. Mac swings sweet. What else can we say, except WE ARE DUPLICATED! Thanks.

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                Mark.Stewart Level 1

                Most thankful of your assistance, George. Did use your script just once, and then closed and reopened my PDF job. Ctrl-Drag worked perfectly after that. Whatever your script did, it ought to be a menu item in the Acrobat program interface. Press here to Duplicate George. Problems solved! Take care.

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                  77Chuckleberry Level 1

                  1. Go to Tools

                  2. Select "Organize Pages"

                  3. Select the page you want to duplicate so it is highlighted

                  4. Drag it to the location you want to copy it while holding the "alt" button on Mac. I'm not sure what the PC counterpart is.


                  I hope this helps

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                    PC counterpart would be to:

                    4. Drag it to the location you want to copy it while holding the "Ctrl" button.