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    MC within MC - RollOver/RollOut problem (AS2)

    Captain Ahab
      Hello Everyone!

      I'm trying to create a horizontal drop-down (well, sliding in actually) menu bar that expands to stage when rolling over it, and collapsing back in when rolling-out. Problem is, when I roll-over one of the buttons in the menu, flash thinks I'm rolling out from the area that was supposed to trigger the menu in.

      I have attached the file I'm working on (hopefully the most accurate one, as I tried dozens of solutions and wasn't very careful with naming...).

      I'm working with Flash CS3, AS2 (of course )

      Help would be much appreciated. My AS knowledge is very limited so please try to make your answer simple to understand, with a small example if possible.

      Thanks in advance

      Link to working file: http://www.kirupa.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=46080&d=1208471621