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    Video looks Blocky, Blurry, Fuzzy in AE (1280X720 29.97fps)

    iamxquisite Level 1

      Im trying to make a montage of gameplay I have recorded of myself playing PS3 the files are .m2ts, so im using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to cut the video into clips so I could then export them into AE (After Effects).

      So it can make it esier to work with other than cuting the video in After Effects this way I have all my clips organized the way I want.


      The way im doing that is by going over to Export --> Media --> with these settings Format: QuickTime Video Codec: Photo - JPEG Quality: 100


      Now I open the rendered .MOV file using Windows Media Player and everything looks flawless nice video quality is not gone.


      So then comes the AE part now my clips are ready to be mastered and added effects to so I go into Import --> File --> and choose my .MOV file which I have exported from Premiere Pro

      But for some reason my video looks Blocky, Blurry, Fuzzy real low quality which is not what I want I have it set on Full and yet it looks horrible.

      It looks like AE is having trouble opening the video properly or something in the settings is wrong but from my point of view the composition matches everything from the clips: 1280X720 29.97fps


      Here is the picture of how my video looks on After Effects as you can see the text is wierd looking and in the settings you can see I have it on 100% and Full


      This next picture below is how it looks on my Windows Media Player as you can see everything looks way nicer


      Now this last image is the settings that come up on AE so that you can see my video has the right settings



      If anyone can help me out with this I would really appreciate it I know there has to be a solution out there!

      Thanks in advance