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    CFImage EXIF Retrieval Error

      Need to utilize ImageGetExifMetaData to retrieve jpg orientation and size information to determine if modifications need to be made to photo. The tag is very inconsistent returning exif data. 80% of the time throws the following error:
      Exception occured in JPG processing. segment size would extend beyond file stream length

      Following is code along with link to sample photo:
      <cfimage action="read" source=" http://www.thefloorteam.com/rp/wd/56k/1197/1197_5067792_14-Apr-08_10000.jpg" name="img">
      <cfset info=ImageGetExifMetaData(img)>
      <cfdump var="#info#"></cfdump>

      Have seen several posts on blogs and other sites that this is fairly common error. Has anyone been able to work around it as size of file, remote location of file, etc. seems to make little difference other than if I run localhost with file on local drive have not been able to create error.

      Thanks in advance.