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    stop the font changes between files


      I've tried some of the suggestions to alleviate font changes when pasting between documents. Yes, there are ways to avoid this phenomenon but, really, should it be so difficult? If one was only doing a newletter once every month this wouldn't be a problem but for a busy shop it's quite a work-around process.

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          BenCloutier Level 1

          True. At leat InDesign shoult ask "There are Styles (AKA Basic Paragraph who should not exist) with the same name but different formatting. Which one do you want to use?"

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            dunaz Level 1

            There are actually a few ways to deal with styles being imported with text:


            • When placing (not pasting) text, you can choose the paragraph style before importing by selecting the style in the style paragraph palette before you open the place text dialog box, and placed text will be in that style.


            • When you delete a style in the paragraph style palette, it asks you what style you want to use instead. This is handy for getting rid of all those styles you inadvertently imported with your Word doc.


            • When placing (not pasting) a Word doc, if you click the box to Show Import Options in the place text dialog box (look in the lower left), you can control whether or not to import Word's styles, and how InDe should handle style conflicts, as well as other things. 
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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              If you work correctly with paragraph styles and character styles you will not find such a phenomen. So I think this is not a feature request, more an indicator to learn the program.