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    Mapping data to form without XML schema

    2425pike Level 1

      I have designed a dynamic form in Livecycle Designer for a client which uses a third-party app to map data to PDF forms. Forms that are designed in Acrobat (not Livecycle) seem to work with this application but I am running into a problem with my form designed in Livecycle.


      The 3rd party app receives a text file with the necessary data on specific lines of the text file and then uses a database table to see what line of data goes to which field name on the PDF form. It then opens the form that is called upon and maps the data to the necessary fields. No XML schema is used in this as far as I can tell. The application simply refers to the database table (written in MS Access) to reference the field name, what line of the text file has the data for that field name and how many positions in that line of the text file to retrieve, no XML involved.


      I am wondering if it is even possible to map data to a form designed in Livecycle WITHOUT using XML or any other import service applications, as this would not be an option for my client?


      In the database table that contains the mapping information I would normally just list the field name found in a regular PDF form designed in Acrobat. What I tried doing was listing the path name to the field as I would in my programming within Livecycle, such as form1.page1.geninfo.AP1_FULL_NAME, rather than just listing AP1_FULL_NAME as I would for a regular PDF form. Any ideas would be appreciated!