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    Hyperlink in the document exported like Flash Player (SWF) do not function!

    Henry Wilson_969

      I've created a New Hyperlink Destination... from the Hyperlink panel.


      Type: URL

      Name: ebay

      URL: http://www.ebay.com


      Then I've selected an object for example a circle and assign it a hyperlink with the New Hyperlink... command form the Hyperlinks panel.


      Link To: Shared Destination

      Document: (The current opened document)

      URL: ebay

      URL (http://www.ebay.com)


      File > Export > Save as type: Flash Player (SWF) > File Name: (Exported with the name of current opened document)


      But when I click the circle shape on this .html document it doesn't open the ebay web page.


      The Adobe Flash Player is installed corretly.

      Why the hyperlink did not function?