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    Flash builder mobile - load and cache images locally


      I would like to make a simple mobile showreel with images and descriptions that  updates from a live web service.


      How would you approach this (top level description)? I am thinking something along these lines:


      • Package my application with an XML file and a set of images locally to begin with
      • When application loads I load new XML data from my web service
      • If there are new records then I would check if the image already exists locally, then if not download the image and store it locally
      • Bind the data to a data grid/list or similar


      I suppose the key questions are:


      • How do I go about storing those images locally across iOS and Android etc?
      • How do I bind a dataset to a data grid when some images may be cached but some may not already exist locally? I am guessing I would create a complete local archive of all data/images before binding the data to the data grid.


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I am AS3 competent and Flex savvy but new to mobile development.