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    Question about adding .swf file to a presentation


      I've read your direction about inserting a .swf file to a presentation and I did like that entirely. But one trouble happened. My file lasted more than 1min. But when I publish it, there was only 5s for that slide as well as others, so it meant that: it had only 5s to present a 1-min-swf file. And my file was interuppted to save time for the next slide. I know I had set "presentation settings" -> playback is 5s. I really dont know how to solve this problem, how to make my .swf run wholly (from the beginning to the last).

      Can you help me? I want to set different time for each slide to make my file run well. How can I do that? Or at least, how toe make my .swf file work completely?


      Thank you so much!

      I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!!


      p.s: Help me as soon as possible because I'm in a hurry :-((

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          mkalyanp Level 2



          You have rightly detected the cause of the playback being only for 5 sec

          Since in the presentation settings the play back duration is  5 sec, the slide plays for 5 secs only irrespective of  the swf durartion

          Now if you were to increase the slide duration in the settings it would affect all slides, making the duration of each slide to be 1 min.


          A work around to your problem is adding silence to the slide containing the swf.

          Add silence, through Adobe presenter Audio edit dialog, of 1 min

          This will make the that particular slide duration to be equal to 1 min 5 sec


          hope this sorts out your problem



          Mahesh Nayak

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            TruongNga Level 1

            Tks so much!

            I'll try as you direct. I see that ur solution was brilliant!

            I'll feedback soon!