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    Help Needed - Flash Catalyst & Browser Issues


      Hi All!


      This is my first post, hopefully someone out there can help me.


      I'm launching a mini-site / brochure on my company's website. I'm having real cross browser / platform issues. Some browsers (Chrome) are displaying error 2032, if that helps?


      No one on a mac seems to be able to open it up. I'm still optimising the file, so whilst the load time is longer than I'd like at this stage, it still functions fine on my computer. This is my first Catalyst project, I'm used to Flash Pro but this seemed like a much quicker option for this project.

      The URL is:




      Could you let me know if you can see this, what browser you're on and any suggestions as to why this wouldn't work on a Mac (the Mac OS is Leopard that we've tried, and Snow Leopard...)


      Hopefully someone can help, many thanks.