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    [Air + Flash] Problem of filestream saving using AIR libraries


      Hi All,


      I am developing a flash stand-alone application and encounter some problem in using Air libraries
      The app should be running in fullscreen mode and I called "StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN" and it comes out a series of problemst


      First of all,
      I use the flash.filesystem.filestream to save a jpg captured in the app
      (I dont want to use FileReference as I dont want to have the dialog and change my screen to not in fullscreen)
      When I call the new FileStream() in the exported swf, the app stopped running and error occur
      This code work fine when I use it in flash debug mode, and I have set the publish setting for calling AIR


      When I use the fullscreen, I cannot use the key "Spacebar" to trigger my app menu
      As I know, spacebar can be intented to use in fullscreen mode


      I found that the exported version of .air and .exe files is differ from the .swf, but I need to make a standalone version for my client


      If you are expert enough to solve the solutions,
      Please kindly tell me a better way to achieve my project, I have been finding the solution days by days and it is the only method to post my problems here for help


      Thanks you very much!