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    Slow, Freezing up, Unexpectedly quitting...multiple problems


      I am having terrible issues with PPro CS5.5. 

      Fisrt off when making the switch from CS5 to 5.5 I noticed right away it was much slower...I then started encountering my projects to quit unexpectedly, freezes up, can't load certain media or freezes up while opening a project.  Rendering times are much slower even on a simple internal drive edit. 


      For this particular project I have been having no success with: I have my entire project on a external with firewire 800.  I moved my entire project onto the internal drive and no issues were solved.  I then decided to try and open the same project from the hard drive on another iMac running CS5.  It loaded very quickly no issues.

      This particular project has over 50gigs of footage with a couple sequences and a couple After Effects projects using Dynamic Link.

      I am editing 1080 DSLR 24fps footage in a 1080 timeline.


      I've never had issues like this in CS5.  I can even remember about a year ago how my friend was able to edit off two USB self powered externals on a 5 year old Macbook Pro playing back heavily color corrected footage without rendering easily.


      Specs of the two iMacs:


      Running CS5.5 on a 2.5 Quad-core i5 with 4GB memory with the latest version of Lion.


      Running CS5 with a single 3.2 i3 with 4GB memory with the latest Snow Leopard.


      I know they are not crazy fast machines but I have never experienced PPro like this until I upgraded to CS5.5

      Is it just CS5.5? or maybe 5.5 in conjunction with Lion?


      I've had to switch back to FCP7...really Adobe?

      Please help any solution much appreciated.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          terrible issues with PPro CS5.5. 


          two iMacs:


          Somehow I knew I'd find the second sentence as soon as I'd read the first.


          This whole post will likely end up deleted, but you still might see it before it goes away, so here it goes...


          The move from FCP to PP was a good one, but it's only half way there.  Finish the move and build yourself a new suitable Windows 7 machine.  Install everything yourself from scratch.  You're issues are almost certain to vanish.

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            WCUDMC Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. 

            What I was trying to get at was with what I am doing and what I have been doing is nothing too major.  I don't have any need for anything more than a base model of an iMac.

            I never had problems with it until now.  It makes me wonder why because I was using a slower computer and 'downgraded' to CS5 and never had problems.

            I've searched the forums but there is just way to much so I hope someone comes across this that has an answer if it doesn't get deleted.

            I believe it is either Lion alone, or CS5.5 and Lion.  Like I said Snow leopard and CS5 worked very smoothly on a SLOWER computer.