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    Header and Footer publishing to Word

    jeffc2010 Level 1

      I'm using Robohelp 9 and having trouble modifying default header and footer when publishing to Word 2010.

      Here's what i did:

      1. I created a Robohelp "Master Page" and added a header and footer to it.
      2. used single source "printed documentation" to publish to Word docx

      The published Word doc still has the robohelp default header and footer.

      Is there something i need to do to specify the master page when i publish? i don't see an option to do it or can't find this step in the help documentation.


      Something else i tried: I created a header and footer in the Word template i use for printed documentation, however, it gets replaced by the robohelp default header and footer. This is actually the solution i would like to use so i can just specify a word template and go.


      Also, it looks like i can create multiple "master pages" for a single robohelp project and then apply them, but i don't see how to apply them.