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    Background Music Track


      Does PrPro have the ability to generate background music track?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          While not an internal, direct function of PrPRo, SmartSound has plug-ins for Soundtrack "generation." Their Sonicfire Pro (either edition) is great. Now, this is not true "generation," as one starts with the SmartSound music library, but especially with Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition, and the SmartSound Multi-Layer music library, one can do a lot of manipulation of a soundtrack. This ARTICLE goes into more detail on SmartSound.


          Adobe Audition can generate music, via Loopology technology, and ships with ~ 5000 music Loops.


          There are also several other programs, that generate music, with some from Sony and also from Magix.


          Also, this ARTICLE has some resources for music and SFX.


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            bharts Level 1


            Thanks for the response.  It seemed to me the old version of Premiere (2001-2002 or before) did come with a package that generated a track, but I'm just getting into the Creative Suite stuff and having a ball.


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              Depending on the exact version, there might have been a SmartSound plug-in that shipped, and installed with PrPro, but I do not recall one. Now, for many generations, SmartSound has offered free plug-ins for PrPro, and now those have been replaced by the Sonicfire Pro plug-in, but only free for the Express Tracks version, and not the Scoring Edition version.


              Now, PrElements, and many consumer NLE's DO ship with, and install a Smartsound plug-in, with a tiny music library.


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