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    Show "Last Edited" Date in FormsCentral Home Page UI


      On the "My Forms" page of the FormsCentral tool UI, it would be very helpful to show the "last edited" or "last changed" data in a column.

      The UI shows the "date created", but "last edited" would be very useful, too.


      Also, it would be great to see versions attached to forms in a way that it shows up in the home page.

      And if there were a way to show the %version% (or whatever syntax) in the form header or text box, that would be cool!

      I want to see which version of the form the user submitted, so I can keep my database clean.

      My form will evolve over time (adding fields, etc), and I need to know what has been submitted.

      Are there hidden fields which I can use to preset values which then will show up in the submitted response?