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    Show "Last Edited" Date in FormsCentral Home Page UI

    RedBaron2012 Level 1

      On the "My Forms" page of the FormsCentral tool UI, it would be very helpful to show the "last edited" or "last changed" data in a column.

      The UI shows the "date created", but "last edited" would be very useful, too.


      Also, it would be great to see versions attached to forms in a way that it shows up in the home page.

      And if there were a way to show the %version% (or whatever syntax) in the form header or text box, that would be cool!

      I want to see which version of the form the user submitted, so I can keep my database clean.

      My form will evolve over time (adding fields, etc), and I need to know what has been submitted.

      Are there hidden fields which I can use to preset values which then will show up in the submitted response?