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    Form Property Values?

    RedBaron2012 Level 1

      Are there "reserved values" associated with a form which I can use in my response data?

      Such as:

      - Form version

      - Today's date

      - Today's time


      Can I put them into a text box, such as "Please complete the Registration Form (version %%version%%)."


      Similar to this, can I pass values into the form when it's opened by the user?


      1. User logs into my restricted web site.

      2. User selects (from many other choices on that page) to fill in the Registration Form.

      3. Form opens, and "User Name", "Company", "Phone Number", "E-mail" are all pre-filled from the profile from his login.

      4. The submitted form contains all the above field values, along with the user-completed portion of the form.


      This is more efficient than asking again, and less error-prone.


      Thank you.