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    building a system for Premiere Pro CS 5.5




      I am building my first video editing system and I have a few questions regarding memory, HDDs and video cards.

      I would appreciate any input on the following:


      Q1: I will be using either the Intel I7-2600K/DZ68ZV CPU/MB combo which has 4 memory sockets that will support 32GB or the Intel I7-3930K/DX79SI CPU/MB combo which has 8 memory sockets and will support 64GB. I will start with at least 16GB (4x4) unless there is a significant performance difference going up to 32GB or even 64GB. With the 3930 build, I can start with 16GB (4x4) and add another 16GB (4x4) without penalty because of the 8 memory slots. But if 32GB is the start point and there is a performance increase going to 64GB I need to start with 4x8GB modules. 



      Q2. Regarding the drives that I'd be using on this system, how many should I have?


      a) My current system is configured for one 500GB disk as my operating drive (WD Sata3 32MB cache @ 7200 rpm) and one 1T for my data drive. Do I need more drives than that? Is there a performance gain using two drives (separate of the OS drive) for processing video?


      b) Is it worth to have a solid state drive anywhere on my system to improve my CS5.5/Photoshop performance?


      Q3. Regarding a video card for this system, I would like to get a Quadra 4000, but my budget does not permit that at this point.

      a) Should I wait?


      b) Can I use an NVidia chipset card, such as the GTX 560 TI with 1GB of DDR5, without major consequences?



      Thanks so much,