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    Problem creating strongly typed dataset in Flash Builder 4


      In this application with ColdFusion 8 in the back end, I have two datasets that I want to be strongly typed. One of them, a list of products, works fine - it ends up as an ArrayCollection of "valueObjects.Product". The other one, a list of Categories, comes in as an ArrayCollection of "Object"; I would like that to be "valueObjects.Category".


      The CFCs and the AS classes are set up in exactly the same way; I can't figure out what is making the difference.


      The project is at http://www.timos.com/LeCreuset/LeCreuset.html. View Source   is enabled - the CFCs are in [source path] creuset, the AS classes in src > valueObjects.


      I would highly appreciate someone taking a look at this to see what I am missing.





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          drkstr_1 Level 4

          Do you have a type reference somewhere for Category? If there is no reference to Category anywhere in your application, the class will not be linked in at compile time.


          If this is not the issue, it must be a typo somewhere.




          After looking at your code, it could also be that you have two model classes that point to the same [("wg.products.CFCs.creuset.Category")]