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    Speed Question


      I am running out of room on a project but should be OK.  The project is not all that large so I suspect I need more hard drive space for larger projects.  When I start a project I like to create folder for that project and keep everything in it, I bring all the AVI files into that folder , when project is done I just delete that folder. I am looking at getting an external hard drive , like a Seagate 1.5 terabyte , which runs on USB 2.0 , the only USB I have.  My computer is a DualCore 2.0 gighz with 4 Gig memeory. I do all my editing using DV 740x480 widescreen.  My concern is how will that external drivw affect the performance of Premier ?  I can make 2 seperate folders if needed , one for AVI files only on the external drive and one folder on the internal drive for the remaining parts. 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Many people do use an external drive for media and project files, so it could be a pretty good worfklow, Hal. But a lot depends on how fast the drive is (7400 rpm is much better than 5400 rpm), how fast your processor is and how much RAM you have.

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            While some folk have luck using USB 2.0 externam, I, and thousands of others, have not been so fortunate. Now, my issues appeared with some of the earlier models, but from several different suppliers. I only use those for archiving material now, and do not attempt to edit to/from them. I tested the FW-400 units, and while more stable, I found the connection too slow. I ended up going with FW-800 externals, and they are more than adequate. One would need either a PCIe card, or ExpressCard with FW-800 controller chips, and if one were buyiing today, I would recommend going the eSATA route. That will also require a card, or ExpressCard, but will be, in real-world times, equal to an internal SATA HDD. This ARTICLE goes into more detail.


            Now, can you add an internal SATA HDD?


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