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    A question about keyword tags


      Is it possible in settings... or somewhere, to set it so that when you open (PrE9's) organizer instead of starting with keyword hierarchy list - it could open on keyword cloud view? I am not so keen on the hierrarchy method...




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Barb O, on the Community Forum at http://Muvipix.com, knows more about the Organizer than anybody I know! If you post your question there, I'm sure she'll pop in with an answer.

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            Brushman1000 Level 1

            Oh right is that forum a better one?


            Do you have any thoughts about only showing the tag could?

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              Barb__O Level 4



              I happened to be browsing on this forum today, so I could address your question here if you wish. 



              1 -- If you are new to working with video, I do suggest that you also visit the muvipix.com site where there are free as well as pay subscription tutorials about video editing.


              2 -- Personally I like the heirachy view so I don't have an immediate answer for how to open on keyword cloud view. I will experiment to see what I can find.


              Barb O

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                Brushman1000 Level 1

                Hi Barb O,


                If you could answer here that would be great...


                I'll have a look at muvipix later on, thanks.


                I havn't yet found any options for opening on cloud view yet....



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                  Barb__O Level 4

                  I did some experimenting in the Elements 9 Organizer.


                  1-- yes, when you close the Organizer then it does always seem to come up next time with the Thumbnail grid AND the Tags panel on the right is set to Hierarchy view. Then you must click on the icon for Cloud view.


                  2-- my conclusion is that if I click on the Cloud icon after starting the Organizer, then it was staying as Cloud in the Keyword Tags panel to the right of the Thumbnails for the duration that the Organizer is open.


                  3-- Note that if you use Full Screen for viewing your photos, then for the "Quick Organize" panel that drags out from the left side of the screen near the bottom, the default for Keyword Tags is Cloud. This is a different method of working which you may or may not like: however since it does set Cloud I decided to mention it.


                  FYI - to get to Full Screen you can use the pull down menu for the Display icon (that is next to the House icon on the top bar of the main Organizer screen). Choose the option "View, Edit, Organize in Full Screen".  FYI - I usually select the thumbnails of the photos which I want to Organize before I go in to Full Screen.

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                    Brushman1000 Level 1

                    Hey thanks Barb o,


                    I appreciate that you've tried... I guess it's a detail really, and since - I've been gradually getting to use the hierarchy way, it's growing on my slowly.


                    Thanks again!