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    Formatting of help text so it is not all on one long line

    candaceCRG Level 1

      I am creating a scholarship application and have added help text to several of the form fields. In order to be as helpful as possible, the help text can be somewhat long, for example:


      Field: Phone #; Help Text: "Enter a phone number (or numbers) where we can reliably contact you throughout the year, including the summer."


      Field: Scholastic Achievements: Help Text: "Include other scholarships you've received, scholastic clubs or organizations you've participated in (e.g. CSF), and other academic recognition or awards you have received."


      The problem I encounter is that the help button is to the right of the form field, and when a user clicks for help, the help text is all on one LONG line to the right of the help button. That requires the user to scroll and scroll and scroll right off the form page in order to be able to read the help text in its entirety.


      Is there any way to make the help text appear in a paragraph rather than one long line, or appear to the left of the help button so it doesn't scroll right off the page after a few words?