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    forward slash vs back slash

    jeffc2010 Level 1

      is there a way i can force robohelp 9 to use forward slash paths instead of back slash:





      Some older robohelp projects used a forward slash and robohelp 9 uses backward slash.


      Now the topics that the web applications pull are okay in IE but broken in firefox (since i upgraded to robohelp 9) and the engineering team is telling me i need to go back and re-install the earlier version of robohelp.


      Wouldn't you know this little gotcha is a showstopper.

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          RoboAsh Level 2

          Hi Jeff,

                    I can provide you a script which will convert all the forward to backward slashes and vice versa in the topics.

          If it will help I can share it .



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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            I assume you have checked the output has backslashes rather than assumed that because they are backslashes in the source, they will be backslashes in the output. That said, the problem does sound like the way to the two browsers would handle that problem.


            Backslashes in the source files should get converted when you generate the webhelp so you should not have a problem. Clearly RoboAsh's script will fix the problem in the existing source files but you are going to have to run it regularly as you create new links.


            I don't think it will change things but it might be worth trying Tools > Update DHTML. With a backup in place, you have nothing to lose.


            I believe you are using RoboHelp HTML so this post should either be in that forum or the WebHelp forum. I mention it because if you were using RoboHelp for Word the script would not work. It helps if posts are in the right forum. No big deal, just something that helps people help you.


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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              There's no way to prevent this from happening, I created a simple script that quickly converts alle the backslashes in paths into slashes. See: http://www.wvanweelden.eu/extendscript/correct_url_backslashes





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                RoboAsh Level 2

                Jeff can you please answer one question - which output are you generating and on which platfom are you viewing your output.

                as far as I know while generating WebHelp output all the back slashes are converted to forward slashes.



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                  jeffc2010 Level 1

                  First off, sorry about being in the wrong forum. My breadcrumbs show the following;

                  Adobe Forums > RoboHelp Support > RoboHelp > Discussions

                  Guess i made a wrong turn somewhere, but i don't see a signpost on my page to show me where i am..


                  Thank you all for your comments. I am using Robohelp 9 and publishing to "Microsoft HTML Help" (CHM).  It occurs to me, from the questions you raise, that there is something wrong with the picture. I deliver a chm file to engineering and yet they came back to me with issues in the source (.htm files). curious. in any case, i see that the robohelp 9 .htm files (opened in notepad) use back slash for the path and  the robohelp i was using when i started this gig (v5) used forward slash. Upon my recommenedation we upgraded to v9 and now i'm on the hook.  So, RoboAsh, maybe when the chm is compiled it makes forward slashes?

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                    Right now RoboAsh will be be safely tucked up in bed.


                    The obvious question is what are the developers doing having the source files? They should never have those other than maybe for purposes of checking them in to a source control system for future reference. They are not suitable for end users as they contain stuff that is not in any output.


                    It would explain why they are seeing files with back slashes and complaining. If you generated webhelp, the files created would have forward slashes as already covered in this thread. Because they are looking at source files, they are seeing the format RoboHelp requires locally.


                    This is not a RoboHelp 9 change. You need to ascertain exactly what the developers are doing that is leading them to come back to you on this. They cannot look inside the CHM to say the files there are wrong. Also if the CHM works for you, it is good to go.


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                      RoboAsh Level 2

                      Thanks Peter to pitch in .


                      so Jeff by the statement you made, its more wierd as .chm output is not dependent on browser, it has its own viewer which does not depends as such on any browser, so RoboHelp messing up slashes and causing issue with browser should not happen.


                      as far as I understand developers must be integrating it for Context sensitive help and they can directly do that if you create proper CSH mapping in RoboHelp and then generate the output and then they can use factory CSH API available with RoboHelp to integrate CSH in the product


                      what I fear here is that they are extracting HTML out of the .chm that you provide which can be dicey.


                      Please explore your requirement as well as workflow then I might be able to help.


                      Hope this will help