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    Tile Background with Text on Top


      I have a 1x1 picture which I want to tile in the background <can not use backgroundImage cause it will stretch the image> and then I want to write some text and one picture on it.

      Any idea?

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          slaingod Level 1
          Isn't a 1x1 picture just a color? Or are we not talking pixels?

          You can use actionscript to tile an image manually tho.

          for (var h:int = 0; h < something.height; h+= tileimage.height) {
          for(var w:int=0; w < something.width; w+= tileimage.width) {
          var single:Image; // = new Image();
          single = tileimage.clone() // ? or something
          single.x = w;
          single.y = h;