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    Script to assign scaling attributes to picture box needed


      Hi everyone. Originally asked this in the InDesign forum but seems it's a task that needs some kind of custom solution so was suggested that I tried here...


      I am working on a project where I need to bring numerous links of varying dimensions (Illustrator files in this case) into InDesign at the same scale so that they are proportional to each other.


      • I have a master page with four picture boxes that require the contents to be linked in at 5% and two picture boxes that require the contents to be lined in at 10%

      This master page is to be used hundreds of times and I have potential several thousand indivdual links to bring in.


      • The pages need populating one at a time and links cannot be bought into InDesign en masse and rescaled together.


      It seems that the scale of the placed content should be set as an attribute of the picture box so that anything linked into it comes in at the pre-assigned scale (that the frame also automatically resizes to the content and maintain it's link to the live caption would be a bonus)


      Could be looking at lots of repetitive trips to the menu bar if nothing out there. Any ideas appreciated.

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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          Scripting logic can set the scale of any image/graphic after it has been placed into a container… You can change behaviour for empty boxes but a given percentage is NOT one of them… What you should be looking for is to create an Excel or FMP database with page number, image order on page, image scale factor & image file path… Save the data to text file as CSV or TDT. Script can read this data in create new pages off your master as required, place links 6 per page scaling each… It's possible you could do this with one trip to the scripts palette…