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    XML from and to Premiere, a couple issues.

    Joe Riggs Level 1



      1. When I make a Pro Res LT sequence with stereo audio tracks in CS5.5 and export a FCP XML, 

      When I bring the XML ionto FCP 7, I end up with a regular Pro Res sequence with dual mono tracks.


      Once in FCP I can manual fix this in the sequences settings but it is annoying especally when you have numeorus sequences..


      Anyone know why this happens? Is there a way tro prevent or fix this issue?     



      2. I sunk my audio in FCP using pluraleyes and linked the pristine audio with its corresponding video clip. When I XML into Premiere, the audio on the synced and linked clips revert to the camera audio.


      When two clips are linked, the audio file name changes to match the clip name, and I think this is the issue. When premiere opens, it loads up all the files and since the file name on the pristine audio changes to match the clip name, it brings in the camera audio instead.


      I hope Adobe addresses this somehow in a future update as this is a devestating issue for anyone who works with double system sound.


      Thank You