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    can´t open/import any file like jpgs, tiffs, psd!?!


      so strange, but my indesign cs5 does not support any files like normal jpgs and tiffs!!

      i cant open them...

      i always get the info box: Cannot open the file "blabla.JPG". Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that.....

      hello?? jpg?? tiff?? psd?? pdf???

      is something blocked?? no file AT ALL, there must be something wrong...thats for sure.

      i reinstalled the whole application! really...i dont know what to do, i hope someone here can help me!

      its frustrating!! all jpgs in the open dialog from indesign are grey when its on -all readable docs- in -all docs- its black to choose,

      but nothing happens, just the fu¢≠}g info box shows up again.

      strange thing is i used  it before and it worked, like half a year ago on my macbook. i transfered the the user and all applications to the imac

      so its identical, photoshop and lightroom is working fine, just ID is making trouble.


      thx for your help guys!