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    Can't place and Indesign CS5 created swf back in an Indesign CS5 file?

    Pete Smit Sydney

      I hope someone can help me?  I have created an animated swf file in Indesign CS5 using the amination and timing panels, for use in an interactive PDF.  The swf has exported correctly and plays as expected in the browser.  However, when I go to select the swf to place it in my Indesign file its greyed out and unable to be selected. 


      I have basically tried to follow Rufus Deuchler's method to incorporate animations into a PDF http://tv.adobe.com/watch/csinsider-design/indesign-creating-interactive-pdfs-with-page-tu rn-and-flash-animations/. In the video his swf is available for selection when using the place command and everything else I have found on the web talks about importing swf's into indesign files being a standard feature in CS5 and CS5.5. 


      I have tried re exporting the swf by different names and to different folders; quitting Indesign and restarting it; trying to place the swf into a completely different indesign file; going through all the Indesign Preferences to see if there is an option to "turn on" swf import and I have even tried following Rufus's steps and export options exactly when creating the swf.  Nothing has worked. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have screen shots and the swf I am trying to import which I can email if that would help anyone ease my growing frustration.