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    Text skip a page

    luca del carlo Level 1

      In laying out a book, in order to reserve a page for images and captions only (not text), I have, in the past, grouped objects together across the page and used text wrap, forcing the main text off the page. Certainly this is not the ideal approach. Please suggest an alternative method? Thank you.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Why do you need an alternative? I do that all the time. If at any later moment you decide to move these images to another position, all you have to do is drag the entire thing to another page. ID will see the previous text frame is available again for text to flow in, and do so accordingly.

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            lilia@ Level 2

            erm... can you not just delete the text frame? the link will continue onto the next frame... if you need it back, just reapply your fabulously created master page.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You could put a text frame on just one of the master pages.

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                luca del carlo Level 1

                The difficulty is that each page with a collection of pics and captions must be be grouped with elements close enough together so that when text wrap is applied, body text cannot fit in between them. That might not be perfectly clear, but in effect, the problem is that I must group all of the elements on the image/caption pages together and be sure that they fill out the page completely to prevent the main text from trying to fit in a few lines between those images and captions. This approach also means that when working on the content of those image/caption pages, all the elements must then be ungrouped, thus allowing me to work on them individually, but then the body text appears layers over the entire page.


                I simply wish to stop fighting body text on pages that are intended for pics/captions.


                How can I have the body text avoid running across them, reserving that page for other material, regardless where else in the document I make changes?

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  There is no need to group *everything* on a page together before you apply Text Wrap; you can apply it to each individual image+caption group as well, and use Text Wrap Offset to automatically get some space above and below the image+caption group. Even if you put lots of empty space between the image and the caption, there won't appear any text in it. And you can still edit the text in the caption, simply by clicking in it with the text cursor.


                  That's based on your "grouping" workflow, by the way. I don't ever need to because I paste images in-line in the text frame from the caption and apply my Text Wrap to this same frame. One frame with everything in it, nothing to group.

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                    lilia@ Level 2

                    I used to build alot of newspaper pages, so if i'm understanding you correctly, what i used to do was...


                    place a borderless frame with text wrap (from a library ready for placing and resizing)

                    below everything where the size is easily adjustable.

                    the text frames for captions would need to have ignore text wrap switched on.


                    If you use CS5 you don't need to ungroup... just double click with the selection tool to get to you object.

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