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    Premiere is not playing back!

    shooternz Level 6

      My Premiere CS5.5  WIn 7  is not playing back Source, Program or Timeline.


      All the above will scrub fine.


      So that means no clip or edit playback.


      Spacebar and keyboard or play buttons (using mouse) are not playing back....but all the Control buttons on the monitors  do change accordingly.  eg Play Stop PAuse, Shuttle etc...


      This occured overnight between edit sessions.  All day yesterday thru to last night all fine...this morning ..a fault!.


      I have tried opening different projects .No playback


      No changes were made to the system between sessions.


      Any ideas people?


      (search did not reveal a solution)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          No changes were made to the system between sessions.



          What is your OS's Update set to? I would assume that you have that turned to Full Manual, so that no updates, of any sort, can be downloaded and installed, without direct input from you. Is that correct?


          Any other programs, that might have sneaked in an update, like Flash Player, Java, QT Player, etc.?


          Though it sounds like the rest of the display is working fine, I would check for a newer video driver, just to rule that out.


          Things were working with that Project, but can you to a quick test New Project, and maybe Import a known good Asset, and then one from this Project?


          Good luck,



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            shooternz Level 6

            Hey Bill ( thanx)


            I believe that I have all updates in manual mode but thats difficult to tell these days.


            Confident that nothing updated though because I am usually notified.


            Will try a new project but because I have tried multiple projects with previously working Playback..I suspect some other issue than assets.


            Not keen on changing a video driver int he middle of 6 TVC projects with a deadline of Tuesday,


            Everything else works perfectly including export via AME



            How do I dump the prefs file? ( I have forgotten).  IS that worth trying?

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              rejdmast1 Level 2

              See if you have a system restore point you can use or restore using an image backup of your C drive.  I always keep a current image backup that I can load from a bootable CD.  It has saved me many times.

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                shooternz Level 6

                I have just got it working again after a few restarts but what I think was the turning point was when I played down some files in wmv and QT player before I opened PPRO.


                Maybe that gave PPRO a little 'wake up"!


                Need to test this further for cause and effect but meantime ..I am editing.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Interesting development. Please keep us informed


                  The reason that I asked about other programs updating was that fairly recently, I had a large PS Image open, and in the middle of Saving that panorama, Java decided to update. Well, that killed PS, and the Save, costing me some hours of work. It was also the only time, in almost 20 years, that I had to reset my Prefs in PS - never happened before, or since. I thought that ALL programs on my computer were set to ONLY update on manual, and to just tell me that an update was available. I had missed Java, and it bit me very badly. Now, it's on full manual. Hope that I have not missed anything else. I flat hate all auto-updating, and even at diminished levels.


                  Good luck, and please keep us infoirmed.



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                    shooternz Level 6

                    The most common pesky updates I get are Adobe Reader and Flash!

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                      cvid01 Level 4

                      As an aside, sometimes it is useful to disconnect from the Internet when working on a large (or important) project - just to avoid automatic updates while working.