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    Creating text & image frames on Master pages

    Vic Gecas

      hi all

      My apologies if this has been answered before, but i have searched will little success. i am creating a school yearbook that includes passport sized portraits of the students. i create my master pages ok, add image frames (for their pics) and text frames (for their names) but neither appear or usable in when the master is applied. i get around it by copying and pasting, but there must be something i am doing wrong! i can even see the graphic frame!

      i am using cs5.5




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is pretty basic "how to use InDesign" and you may need to get some training.


          All objects on master pages are unselectable unless overridden. There are three ways to do that, select objects on the master page and use the Pages Panel menu to override, hold down the Cmd + Shift keys (Ctrl + Shift on Windows) and click an object on a document page to overide it locally, or Place content into an empty master frame and it will automatically override. You can tell when you are about to place content into an existing empty frame by watcing the loaded cursor, which will change as it enters the frame area and appear to be surrounded by parentheses.


          There are two possible reasons that you cannot see the frame edges, even for master objects. First is simply that you've chosen to hide them. Check the View menu under Extras. The other is that you are in Overprint (Separations) Preview or one of the Regular Preview Modes (check the view menu for the first, bottom of the toolbox or the view menu for the second). If enabled iin the preferences, frame edges should also highlight when you hover over them in Preview modes.

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            simple! thanks for taking the time to help