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    page won't center when pringing

    warburtonlabs Level 1

      hey there!

      i'm using CS4 on an imac.

      i've got a canon pro9000 printer and a smaller canon printer.

      just recently...

      when i print a page with indesign, everything is shoved over to the right.

      it happens on both printers.



      i've sent the same file from my wife's computer to the smaller canon printer

      and it's centered fine.


      but from my computer i can't get it to center.

      it'll center just fine if i print from adobe reader.

      but not from indesign.


      i've tried all the obvious things in print set-up and such.

      i've checked to see if there are differences in the set-up between my computer and the my wife's.

      there aren't any that i see.


      i'm straight up baffled.


      does anyone have any ideas?


      thanks thanks thanks!


      mr. warburton