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    Unable to initialize bound components


      I've designed my own photo gallery app (similar to the RIA gallery tutorial on Adobe TV) with sub-galleries based on theme. Created my UI initially in Flash Catalyst and am doing the data binding in Flash Builder.


      I'm using XML to drive the population of my List components and have been able to select a thumbnail from my list and update the display to show the photo and some text such as the title and so on. The binding seems to work just fine except when you first select one of the sub-galleries (a different application State). Nothing shows up in the bound components until you click an item in the List and then they all update just fine. I want to be able to initialize the bound components so they automatically display the data associated with the first item in the List.


      Obviously, setting the selectedIndex of the List programatically did no good. Neither did setting the requireSelection property. I hoped that selecting the first item in the list would update the bound components but the Change event handler isn't being fired.


      I don't want to hard code this initial set of data values because that would make updating the app harder if I should change what appears initially.


      How do I get these components to initialize to the values associated with the first item in the List component?