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    script to create directory based on current file name and then save the file in that directory


      Hi all,

      I have a need save all my projects in a directory using the name of the main image I am working on.


      Manually these are the steps I used:

      1. Save As.
      2. Copy ( press command-c <== the filename is highlighted by default so all I have to do is )
      3. New Folder ( press the new folder button. Brings up a dialog box)
      4. Paste ( press command-v. <== Pastes the file name into the "New Folder" dialog box.)
      5. Save ( press thre save button. Saves the files into the new folder )
      6. Save As.
      7. Change format to JPG
      8. Save
      9. Change image quality to 12


      I want to assign these actions to a key

      Recording these steps and playing them back does not give me the results I need, snce the original name is hard-coded in the actionlist that was recorded

      What should I be doing instead ?


      Thanks in advance !