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    What is `ideas` for?

    bgp_1984 Community Member

      I have just bought ideas for my android device. I was liking it, though could have done with some more layers. But the real frustration came when I realised I could not do anything with it. I thought I might have been able to import into PS which Ibought at the same time, but you can't. So I thought I might have been able to save this as a jpg or something. But no. which makes this product completely useless for me, and now too late to get a refund. Just wondering, how do youmake use of it?

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          David__B Employee Hosts

          Hi bgp_1984,


          Adobe Ideas is an app for sketching or drawing on the top of an imported image. The Android version is different than the iOS version in relation to the number of layers available . The Android version currently only supports a background layer and a single drawing layer. Because the app works with vector rather than pixel data it allows you to import your drawings into Illustrator rather than Photoshop. See this document for more info:



          If you work with layers a lot a better app for you might be Photoshop Touch. I'll email you directly to see if I help you work things out.



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            Takashi Morifusa Employee Hosts

            Hi bgp_1984,


            You can download plugin for Adobe Illustrator CS5.0 or CS5.1



            You can open Adobe Ideas file into Illustrator. you can modify the vector artwork and also you can export as jpeg or save as .ai file and bring it Photoshop CS5.x as smart object.