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    Can you 'zoom' the audio waveform in the timeline?


      Unable to find a solution in the help or the FAQ, so I'll post my first question here :-)


      I would like to vertically zoom into the audio waveform in the timeline. My situation is that I have a 24-bit audio mix of a classical concert with a fairly large dynamic range, i.e. very loud bits and very quiet bits in one single audio file. I don't see enough waveform detail in the quiet parts, even when I enlarge the track vertically. I haven't found an official way of zooming in, at least in the timeline. The audio-waveform-only display in the source monitor does offer a vertical zoom.


      The official help only offers this:

      "To see more volume detail when viewing an audio waveform in a Timeline panel, increase the track height."

      Which seems to imply that 'zooming' in further to bring out the really quiet parts is not a feature.

      I found a bit of a workaround, which is to adjust the clip gain -- the audio waveform changes accordingly. However I'd prefer not to be changing the audio volume every time I need a different vertical zoom on the waveform.