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    Upgrade vs full


      I have Premiere elements 9 and am therefore eligible for "upgrade" version rather than full version of Premiere 10. If I do an "upgrade" do I still retain my Premiere elements 9 or is it somehow "upgraded".

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The "upgrade" is actually just a special price for current owners of the software.


          You still get the full version of the software -- and you can either keep version 9 or remove it and it won't affect your version 10 installation.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What Steve said.


            One nice thing about Adobe's installation scheme is that older versions are not removed, or overwritten. This can allow one to continue working with a previous version, while learning the new version. Each version makes some changes, and there is a bit of a learning curve, when migrating. I always keep my "old stand-by" installed, until I have given the new one a major shakedown. Before retirement, it was common for clients to have a "drop-dead rush on a Project," and the messenger had always been dispatched, to pick up the results. I never wanted to be in the middle of learning a new GUI, or placement of features, with a messenger standing over my shoulder, so I knew that I could fire up my older version, and get that job out the door in a timely fashion.


            Now, there is another reason, that having the older version installed, is good. It is ALWAYS best to finish Projects in the version, in which they were started. To a degree, one can usually migrate a Project up, at least one version, but there can be problems - some tiny, and hardly noticed, but some can be "show-stoppers." Note: one can very, very seldom migrate backward, say a PrE 10 Project to PrE 9.


            Last, before removal of a previous version, one might want to check the Functional Content, which are Menu Sets, Title Templates, etc., as sometimes Adobe will remove older ones, and if any were "favorites," they might not exist in new version. So long as the old ones are on the computer, they can usually be Copied to the appropriate folder in the new version. I always compare the Functional Content. When I went to Encore 2.0 form Encore 1.0, there were about six Menus, that no longer existed, though Encore 2.0 had more total. I just Copied those "missing" Menus to the Encore 2.0 Library, for use in the newer program.


            Along the same lines, SmartSound music libraries install with PrE. From time to time, SmartSound changes which libraries ARE included. Generally, with the SmartSound libraries, the music is retained in another folder, but not always (there are really two elements to the libraries - the actual music files and the "handlers," so one should check both), so one can often pick up additional libraries, from version to version, and it pays to check, whether the older libraries will be removed when the earlier version of PrE is uninstalled. If one has set those up in SmartSound, they shoiuld be untouched - but check.


            Good luck,



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