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    ALWAYS a black border either side of rendered video!!


      Hi guys,


      First time in here... I am 48 hours into my After Effects usage so I am by no means experienced but I am a confident computer user and the following problem I just cannot fix or figure out.


      I am using After Effects CS5, fully updated, on Windows 7 64bit, 6 gig ram. No matter how i render my video out, i have a couple inch black border on the left and right. Now to trial and error this problem I made a new compisition and left it completly blank apart from a colored background. I will bullet point my findings below to streamline my story..


      • My compisition is set to HDTV 1080 29.97 ......... 1920x1080..........square pixel........ red background. This seems to be the only option i have to get a 1920x1080 canvas. I have tried others just p experiement and got same black border result
      • My render settings are set to "Best Settings". I havent changed anything inside this option
      • On output module I have used several different presets, the results were:

      AVI no codec - black borders on left and right

      AVI with random codec - black borders on the top and bottom

      Windows Media - black border on left and right

      Lossless - black border on left and right

      MPEG4 & Quicktime - NO BORDER

      • The reason I wont "just make do" with the above is because I'm not a fan of having my videos in MP4. It seems a little unorthadox. But i also don't like having MASSIVE file sizes that quicktime throws out. 400MB every 6 seconds is too much
      • This is NOT a problem with source videos being in different aspect ratios or resilutions or whatever, because i am not using any. This is just a red background


      I think i covered everything :-)


      I hope someone can answer my question because this is causing me right headaches! Quick bonus question: By rule of thumb, is after effects best used for short clips/scenes/animations. Or do people use it for long video editing too...

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How are you determining that the file has black borders?  What software are you viewing it in to determine this?  If you import the rendered file back into AE, does it still have the black borders?


          Bonus answer:  AE is not an editing platform.  It is designed for effects and motion graphics work.  I've worked on hours-long footage in AE on occasions, if it needed an overall grade or processing for some reason, but generally speaking, most AE work is approached shot by shot.

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            joey.v1985 Level 1

            I used Windows Media player.... and Omg i feel stupid!


            As it turns out, 1920x1080 is to big to display on my screeen with the play/pause functions along the bottom. So i guess it clips the sides so that it fits. When i press "full screen" on the media player, the black borders dissapear and it fills my screen perfectly.


            I blame all the hours i spent learning the program, must have fried my brain.


            Thanks for the bonus answer also!


            I will probably create a new thread soon on best template for creating/rendering videos for youtube usage after i have done a little search