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    Help! I have lost my serial number of Indesign!


      Good morning to everybody,

      i have a problem. Two days ago I bougth Indesign but I have lost the serial and the pack of the programm. What must i do? I should buy indesign again?!?!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you register the program? If you did, the serial number will be listed in your account at Adobe.com. If not, I'd suggest calling customer service and see if they have a way to issue a new number if you can provide proof of purchase.


          You might also want to go through your trash...

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            sssuuusssaaannn Level 1

            I went through the same thing with FrameMaker.  You just have to figure out

            how to navigate the difficult Adobe site-web to get to the place where you

            can write an email to the correct department, and you must also

            scanthem the receipt and anything else you have, and if it's the latest

            version of InDesign you're talking about (and you have the receipt) you'll

            get a replacement s/n.  If  you have an earlier version, you may have to

            pay for the update.  If you have no proof, and also if your version is very

            old, you'll get nothing back.

            Best thing, if you can't figure out what to do, is to get on the 'live

            chat'  (again, good luck with the site-web) and explain your problem, and

            you'll get directions.

            Good luck!