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    Manage authorized devices


      How can I see and manage authorized devices? I don't want to improve the number of authorized devices, but only manage (especially remove) them.

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          Monkeyfuzz Level 1

          How can this question NOT get an answer?  I mean, if Adobe actually thinks that it's simple to find this answer so many people wouldn't be viewing the question (over 700); likewise, if Adobe cannot answer this simple question then why even have the ability to ask questions.  I hate using the word HATE, but I hate how companies give it's customers a false hope of having their questions answered then ignore them.  Adobe, please remove the support feature when marketing your products.  I mean, damn.... a totally easy question from 2012 was asked and four years and 23 days later you still have not responded?  SMH

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            Traveltiff2 Level 1

            I found out how to do it! (and I do not work for Adobe but totally agree that someone should've helped you at least in the past FOUR YEARS. crazy.)

            So log into your adobe account online.

            Go to Plans & Products.

            Under Plans, find your "Creative Cloud Membership" section. Click on Manage Plan.

            On this page, you'll see a section called "Activated devices".

            You'll see all the devices your membership is using and can easily deactivate one (or all) of them by clicking the x on the right.


            Oh happy day!

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              I had the same question.  If you log into your Adobe account and open up the "plan details", there is a section on approved devices.  Open this section and it will give you the opportunity to delist devices.  This will allow you to register new devices.

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                pcr42 Level 1

                I don't see any of these options -Activated Devices or Plan Details when I log on. What type of accounts do you have?

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                  Nanaky Level 5

                  The option only exist when have a creative Cloud. For Digital Edition (Which are open this thrend) the option not exist.

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                    You deactivate your device by 'signing out'. Just did it. It is not very obvious at all... Click on the tiny CC logo on  the top bar (at least on a Mac) and click on gear icon. Click on Preferences... and you'll see a blue button reading 'Sign out'. Click. You're done. Now why anyone would bury a signing out feature inside of Preferences is  a different discussion, though.