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    Place graphic in frame

    Garethi Level 1

      Hello all.


      To date I have simply placed items straight into indesign, resized as required and off I go.


      However I have now created an advanced shadow effect in photoshop which I want to use with all graphics I import.


      So I have created a library item with this shadow on the back and a rectangle frame over the top, I have told the frame to fit content to it.


      Here is where I am getting confused I think. I now select this frame then hit 'place' but it does not fit to content or anything, it totally replaces the frame. If on import I tell it not too replace,  it presents the traditional little graphic on the pointer ready for placing.


      So in essence how do I place the graphic into that frame to fit?


      I have tried google searching but many of the answers although in google to start with when clicked goto an adobe archieve page with no evidence of the google find.