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    Website in Indesign loading slow.

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      I am making my website in Indesign, but its taking around 30sec to load and after that its working fine.

      I have exported swf and html file and copied in server.


      Website is: www.pixeltodot.com


      Please can anyone help.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign is not a web authoring tool.




          What you’re seeing is about par of the course since ID puts out SWF files that are pretty large.




          If you have no web design skills or HTML/CSS knowledge I would suggest you look at Muse instead of InDesign.





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            WebsiteIndesign Level 1

            Thanks Bob.


            However i have made quite a few pages in Indesign. How can i shift my pages in Indesign to Muse and also can you suggest some tutorials for MUSE, so that i can learn that software.



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              Petteri_Paananen Level 4

              I agree that Muse would be very good choise for you, but if you don´t want to go there for some reason, you can also balance the loading with one trick.


              With your curent site I suppose you have only one file and all the pages of your site are inside that file. And users have to download the whole file before they can enter into your site...correct?


              How about separating your site to multiple SWF files? You could start it by creating one main swf which would be your site´s landing page. That main SWF would basically be like you current site, but without any sub page content, sub pages would be emtpy. Then create separate SWF files for sub-page contents and replace your current sub page contents with those SWFs.


              That way your users dowload first only the main SWF with first page and placeholders for sub pages. When user enters to some sub-page, he/she downloads that content SWF after entering the page.


              I´m not sure if this method will hepl you or not, you have so little stuff in your site, so it´s possible that your main SWF would be practically as large as your current site, but it still may be worht of trying...