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    Best export format settings for mac

    Guilherme Maranhão



      I have a mac OS Lion 10.7.2 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. I'm new to premiere pro and video editions and have just finished my family's vacation video clip edition, that contains photos and videos.

      I have tried several export format settings, but the only satisfying one was MPEG2-DVD with preset "Match Source Attributes (Highest Quality)". The problem was that it seems to be specific for DVD, that's why it was generated two separated files, a m2v for video and a wav for audio.

      I would like to play it on my mac and I couldn't do it with the players I have installed: QuicK Time didn't run it and VLC ran without audio.

      I have 4 questions:

      1. Is there a player that can play both video and audio? Or is it just for DVD purpose?
      2. If not, what would be the best export format settings to have a HD 720p video with best quality? All the other settings produced very low quality videos, even in very huge size! I have tried flv, mpeg, mov...
      3. Do I need any specific codec for it?
      4. I have already installed perian codec. Wouldn't it be possible to export for AVI format? Why doesn't it show on my format options?


      I have searched many forums and didn't find the solution yet!


      Does anybody have any suggestion?


      Thanks a lot, Guilherme