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    Improve my workflow for advertisements.




      I am trying to improve my workflow for placing advertisements (created in indesign) into another document (created in indesign).


      I produce a book that contains 50+ advertisements. Currently I have them all saved as indesign files and I place these directly into another indesign document which is the book itself. At first I thought this was the best work flow to follow - why would I export them to pdf only to export them again before print. However, I have had problems with missing fonts when changing my computer, missing and modified images are constantly a problem and there is always a few out of the bunch that distort when going through the final export to pdf. With this in mind, I would like to export them to pdf so all fonts and images etc are contained within the file, this will enable me to check them once and not have to double check and update them every time. My printer requests the final pdf in PDF/X-3:2002 format. Therefore, what would be the best pdf preset to export advertisements tofor best quality etc?


      Any other workflow suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for your help,



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think saving the ads themselves with the same preset as your printer requests would be the best choice (PDF/X-3:2002).

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            lilia@ Level 2

            Hi Mark I feel your pain... been there... done that!


            I don't recomment placing that many ID files into 1 document, purely for file size.

            However if you want to do it that way then don't output it on another machine... do it all on the same one (the main document that is).


            The way I've done magazines was like so.


            Create the 50 (for eg) document... I should have a layout when doing this.

            Create greyscale text frames at each advertisement size or close to and label the frame with the advertisers name (I already had a library with various sizes).

            I only ever placed the ads on the page when they were approved... that way nothing was missed or free LOL

            As they are approved, I would eps when I used Quark and mostly I would choose PDF for ID.

            The rest I'm sure you know.

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              samallen3 Level 1



              Have you tried InDesign's Book panel?  You can organize documents into a book, automatically number them, move them at ease, and you don't have to create a HUGE ID file.  You can have a book made up of many smaller files, all of which can be exported to pdf together using the same setting.  It really could streamline your workflow quite a bit.  I would read up on it in Adobe's help sections. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-6ccaa.h tml


              Also....If you have many missing files and/or fonts this is usually an indication of poor file management.  I'm not sure why you would have to change computers in the middle of your workflow, but if you must - be sure to include ALL files that are linked in each indesign document when transferring.  One way to do that is by using "package". When you "package" a file, it includes all fonts, links, etc in a neat little "package" so that files can be transferred with no link or font loss.


              Just be sure before you PDF you preflight and make sure all images are in the same colorspace.  The distorting could be because of a number of things, and that is usually the bulk of problems I've encountered.

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                lilia@ Level 2

                me thinks mark is refering to the advertisements on each page... not the book itself... but yes a book is excellent... it is how i have my training manuals organised.

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                  mark-1985 Level 1

                  Thank's everyone for your help.




                  I remember looking into books when I first started using indesign. However, I sort of fell into a workflow of placing

                  indesign ads into the main document that had the relevant number of

                  pages. Currently I have no knowledge of books and how it could improve

                  my workflow - I will be looking into this though! Also, I guess

                  samallen3 is right that missing or modified links is due to some

                  inconsistent file management. Although sometimes this has acurred for no

                  apparent reason! The problem with images distorting is due to

                  downsampling of the images at final export. All images are fitted

                  proportunately, CMYK, 300 dpi minimum TIFF's. Changing compresion to zip

                  or jpg doesn't make a difference. Therefore, I think it would be wise

                  to convert all advertisements into PDF/X-3:2002 so I can approve the

                  document once and know how it will behave in future.




                  It is interesting to hear from you.






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                  me thinks mark is refering to the advertisements on each page... not the book itself... but yes a book is excellent... it is how i have my training manuals organised. 



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