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    Help with Javascript syntax error, please help...


      Please review the following, I am trying to correct the syntax, yet, having no success.


      Database.ExecSQL("INSERT INTO CRF (TodayDate, SubmittedBy, Region, Market, DoorDepartment, ProjectEvent, ProjectType, RenderingsDue, FinalArtworkDue, EventDate, EventDays) VALUES (""TodayDate.rawValue" + "SubmittedBy.rawValue" + "Region.rawValue" + "Market.rawValue" + "DoorDepartment.rawValue" + "ProjectEvent.rawValue" + "ProjectType.rawValue" + "RenderingsDue.rawValue" + "FinalArtworkDue.rawValue" + "EventDate.rawValue" + "EventDays.rawValue"");")


      TodayDate.rawValue = ""; // clear after inserting comment


      The above script is an action on a button from Stefan Cameron's tutorial on using SQL to insert a new record to a database.


      Where have I gone wrong with this script?